About us

Our history

We are a young and dynamic startup, born with the aim of revolutionizing the world of automation. Our mission is simple but ambitious: to make the automation accessible, fast and professional for both technology enthusiasts and industry.

Innovation at the center

In Cortex Automations Systems, innovation is in our DNA. Everyday we challenge ourselves thinking outside the box, to find creative solutions to simplify automation. Our products are the result of constant research to offer versatile, intuitive and reliable tools.

Automation for everyone

We don’t believe that automation should be reserved only for those with large resources or those who are experts in the field. Our products have been designed to be easily adaptable to a wide range of CNC machines, making automation accessible even for older machinery and simpler systems. We want to open the doors of automation to everyone.

Open source heart

We are strongly in favor of open source. We believe that collaboration and sharing are fundamental to the evolution of technology. For this reason, our software is completely customizable, and we rely on the well-known grblHAL firmware and its community for machinery management. We are part of a global network of innovators that work together for progress.

Our Team, our Strength

What makes us unique is our team. We are a group of passionate people, with extensive experience in using CNC machines. We know the challenges and opportunities of this sector, and we put this knowledge at the service of our customers. Every product we create is a direct response to the needs of the sector, designed by those who live it every day.

Cortex Automations Systems is much more than a startup: it is a vision taking shape. We are here to simplify automation, to make the future more accessible, and to partner with you to create unique and extraordinary products. Join us on this adventure towards the automation of the future.

Our limits? Your imagination!

Il nostro Team:

Luca Cortelli

CEO, project manager and Programmer

Leonardo Lucaroni

Leonardo Lucaroni

Web designer/Programmer

Ing. Francesco Ficili

Electronic engineer